Refundable Damage Deposit

Please choose correct amount & click "Pay Now" to pay your Damage Deposit by card before arrival:

Name of flat & Amount To Pay

* Please pay this Deposit no more than 6 or 7 days before arrival. If you pay it too early, we may have trouble refunding it.

* If the card-holder is not the main tenant on your rental contract, then please inform us of this, otherwise we won't recognise your payment, & please email us Proof-of-Identity of the card-holder, if you have not already done so.

* IMPORTANT!! You must show a print-out or on-screen-display of Deposit Payment Confirmation email from Paypal to the check-in-agent on arrival at the flat. If not, then you would have to pay the Deposit again in cash before the agent can give you the key.
(Please do NOT email us your payment confirmation; we automatically get an email alert from Paypal).

* Near the end of your stay, or when you get home, we kindly ask you to post a comment or travel photo or review on our Facebook page &/or a Guest Review on our website page for the flat.

* We will not meet you at check-out. So please switch off all heating/ lighting, lock the door, leave the key in the designated place & call/ sms/ whatsap the check-out agent to inform them that you are leaving. We will enter the flat at a later time using our spare key.

* As per rental agreement, the cost of any damage or staining or missing items or Fixed Penalties would be deducted from this Deposit after your check-out. If there are no deductions, then the Deposit will be fully refunded back to your card in around 7-14 days.

* To ensure a speedy refund, please email us when you arrive back home to remind us to refund your Deposit back to your card, mentioning the date that you paid it (& the payment name if different to booking name).