TERMS & CONDITIONS For Renting One Of Our Flats:

1. NATURE OF CONTRACT: This is a private & confidential legally binding rental contract, for the above property, during the above dates, which is for the use of the rental agent (“FindaFlat”), of the above-named tenants & of their legal representatives only. You agree that it will not be disclosed to any 3rd parties or used for any other purposes (such as media articles or immigration) without prior permission from FindaFlat. If, while staying at the flat, you are found to be in serious breach of any of these terms & conditions, your tenancy would be terminated & you must vacate the flat immediately, without any refund of rent.

2. IDENTITY OF TENANTS: For due diligence purposes, you agree to provide Proof-Of-Identity (photo/scan of passport or driver-licence) for all or some of the adult guests who will sleep in flat. Other than the above-named tenants, you will not give keys to anyone else, or allow anyone else to enter the flat at any time. (Daytime visitors should be allowed if you ask us in advance).

3. CANCELLATION / LIABILITY: If you cancel your booking at any time or “no-show”, you will not receive any refund of rent that you have already paid (unless you find us a replacement tenant). At our sole discretion, we may consider a credit-note or a part-refund if we are able to re-sell some or all of your dates. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (eg. landlord sells flat), if we choose to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your booking with a full & immediate refund to you, & we would also help you to find an alternative flat rental. You agree to book the flat, to live in it, to use its facilities & to leave your personal belongings in it entirely at your own risk & responsibility. FindaFlat cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury, loss of life, theft, damage, destruction, or natural disaster, or for any “no-show” due to any of these reasons. You should take out an insurance policy to cover you for these risks.

4. EXTRA FEES: The rent that you pay to FindaFlat gives you the flat as the last tenant left it. All extra services must be paid for in cash on arrival directly to the agent who arranges these jobs for you, as per the Extra Fees written on p.1 of contract. The Cleaning-Fee is detailed in section below. The Check-in-Fee is compulsory & it is to cover the time & travel costs of our agent who will personally welcome you at the flat. For Linen-Fee, you will get one bed-sheet, one quilt-cover & two pillow-cases washed, dried & folded for each double-bed that you pay for, plus one bath towel per guest. There may also be some Extra Fees on p.2 of contract, according to which options you chose for Deposit payment method & Check In / Out times.

5. CLEANING FEE & OPTIONS: For Cleaning-Fee, we strongly recommend that you choose the professional-clean option. If you choose the cheaper basic-tidy-up, the cleaner has very little time to clean the flat for you, she will just quickly do the bare essentials, so it is likely that you will be disappointed when you arrive. You can choose for the cleaning to be done in your presence, so then you can instruct the cleaner to do exactly what you want her to do in the allotted time-frame & you can monitor her yourself. If you choose for the cleaning not to be done in your presence, then if you are dissatisfied with the cleaning, then you must pay for her to come back & clean again the next morning at your own expense (£10/hour). You understand that the cleaner can only clean, she cannot re-decorate or do magic & make things new, so you should not complain to her if you see any stains or marks in the flat due to old age or wear & tear. You also understand that a holiday-rental flat usually suffers from a higher-than-normal rate of wear & tear, due to high turnover of tenants & due to the occasional misbehaviour of some mischievous tenants.

6. ARRIVAL & INSPECTION: When travelling to the flat for check-in, please maintain telephone contact with our check-in agent to facilitate you both arriving there at same time. Due to time constraints or unfortunate circumstances, there may be a wait when you arrive for cleaning or laundry to be completed, but we always do our best to minimise any inconvenience. During check-in procedure with our agent, you must inspect the flat & its contents. If you find any problem or faulty or missing item, you agree to report this to us immediately, not later on or after check-out (ie. if we don't know it’s broke, we can't fix it). We will then act, to the best of our ability as property-managers to arrange repair or replacement within a reasonable time-frame. NB. You are renting a private self-catering flat to live in as your own home, for which you need to do purchase all your own supplies on arrival; it is NOT a hotel, so we do NOT provide soap/ toilet-papers/ bin-bags/ detergents/ toiletries/ groceries.

7. DEALING WITH PROBLEMS: The flat is rented to you in "as is" condition. FindaFlat cannot be held responsible for any faults or missing items in the flat & you agree therefore that no claim for compensation or rent reduction can be made against us. We manage the flat, we don't live in it, & so any such problems would be caused by the misdemeanours of past tenants or by unfortunate circumstances, they cannot be blamed upon us. You agree not to write any such problem as a negative review on any public website at any time, because this would be counter-productive & it would not help you to achieve your goal. Instead, if you discover any problems in the flat, you agree to report these to us immediately & you agree to work with us so that we can use our best efforts to arrange repair or resolve the issue for you, to the best of our ability as property managers, within a reasonable time-frame. If you are unhappy with how we deal with your issue, you may complain to the website on which you found our advert, or you may take further legal action through your solicitor.

8. BEHAVIOUR IN BUILDING: While staying at the flat, you agree to respect all the communal rules of the building, & to behave as a considerate & respectful paying guest, being careful not to cause any annoyance, inconvenience or noise disturbance for the neighbours. The building is a private home for the peaceful enjoyment of long-term residents & guests; it is not a hotel or a party house. You agree not to use the flat for any immoral, unlawful or offensive purposes. You understand that any aggressive or threatening behaviour by any of the tenants will not be tolerated at any time, & this would result in your tenancy being terminated immediately without refund & in police being notified.

9. CLEANLINESS & CARE: You agree to take good care of the property, to use it as as you would your own home, keeping it in a reasonably clean, tidy & hygienic condition at all times. You (especially the children in your group) must be very careful not to damage or stain any item in the flat. If anything does get damaged or stained, you must report this to us immediately by phone/sms so that repair can be arranged & costs agreed.

10. NO SHOES ON CARPET / NO SMOKING: To avoid the carpets of this flat becoming more dirty or damaged, you agree to not wear outdoor shoes on the carpets at any time (otherwise carpet shampoo costs will be deducted from your dmg/deposit). It is ok to wear shoes on wood floor. The inside of flat is strictly "No Smoking", but you may smoke outside on balcony/ terrace/ garden.

11. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: In order to save energy & reduce costs, you agree to switch off all heating & electrical appliances whenever you go out of the flat (otherwise excessive electricity charges may be deducted from your dmg/deposit). Appliances such as washers, dryers & dishwashers must not be run unless full up & they must not be run more than once per day.

12. CONTACT & ACCESS TO FLAT: While staying at the flat, in case of any emergency or urgent problem, you agree to remain contactable by phone or to reply our phone message at your earliest convenience. (You should also feel free to try contacting us anytime by phone/ sms/ whatsapp if you ever have any questions or problems). You agree to allow us access to the flat for repair work, landlord inspection or essential marketing, as long as the timing is not inconvenient for you & as long as any disturbance to you is kept to a bare minimum.

13. CHECK-OUT REQUIREMENTS: Before you check-out, you agree to wash dishes, empty bins, take out rubbish & return all furniture/contents to their original position. You must leave the flat as close as possible to the way you found it at check-in. Although you are not required to do a formal cleaning before leaving, you must not leave the flat in an unhygienic condition.

14. PAYING FOR DAMAGES: After you check-out & before the next tenant is due to arrive at the flat, we will come to collect the keys & inspect the flat. If you left the flat as you found it (without any of the below penalty cases being true), then your dmg/deposit will be fully refunded back to your creditcard at our earliest convenience. If we find any new damage, staining or missing items, we will hold your deposit for up to 14 days while we assess the costs of repair or replacement. We will then make the necessary deductions from your deposit & refund you any remaining balance by electronic transfer. If the damages exceed the amount of your deposit, then you agree to pay us the remaining balance by creditcard within 7 days of us emailing you a request for such payment.

15. FIXED PENALTIES: The following penalties will be deducted from dmg/deposit in these check-out circumstances...

* Bins not emptied / rubbish left in flat / bins used without bin-bag = £20.

* Dishes or saucepans left unwashed = £20.

* Sofabed/ furniture/ contents not returned to original position = £20.

* Bathroom left unhygienic (eg. filthy stain on wc, towels on floor) = £20.

* Kitchen left unhygienic, extra chemicals required (eg. deep grease/stains on cooking equipment) = £20.

* Cigarette odour or ash found in flat = £80.

* Shoe marks or new stain found on carpet = £70 per room.

* Lost key = £30 per set; lost key & electric fob = £90 per set.

* During stay: Heating or electrical appliances left on while nobody in flat = £20 per instance discovered by FindaFlat.

* During stay: Complaint received from neighbours/concierge about noise or other disturbance = £100 per instance.

Best wishes & happy travelling!

Camran S.,
Customer Services Manager,