To dramatically reduce your Incoming & Outgoing call charges while staying in the UK, we strongly advise you to buy & use a UK sim card in your unlocked GSM mobile phone (if you don't have an unlocked phone, you can loan one from us for a small extra fee). If you use your home-country sim on "roaming" while you are in the UK, you will end up with a huge phone bill… incoming calls cost about £0.50/min & outgoing calls back to your home country cost about £1/min! So just 15mins per day of incoming calls & just 10mins per day of outgoing calls would cost you a staggering £122 in one week!!!

Make Huge Savings With Our Sim Card For Travellers: Worldsim "Home & Away"

 For an amazing discount price of just £15 (+ £5 call credit), we can supply you an international pay-as-you-go sim card from award-winning mobile operator WORLDSIM. The same sim is sold for double this price, £30, in airports, shops & on Worldsim website!

 The sim card will be yours to keep for life, with NO line rental, NO contract & NO bills!

 You can use your Worldsim in any unlocked GSM mobile phone to make huge savings on both Incoming & Outgoing calls, not only in England, but also back in your home-country, or in any other country around the world.

Free Roaming: Free Incoming Calls While You Travel Abroad!

Worldsim is an incredible product which gives you a UK phone number (+447) with FREE INCOMING CALLS in nearly all countries around the world:
Europe (all), USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, S.Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, S.Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana etc. etc!

Unbeatable Low Prices For OUTGOING CALLS:
UK to UK = just 7p/min,
UK to USA = just 4p/min,
UK to Europe = just 15p/min,
USA to UK/USA = just 25p/min,
Europe to UK/Europe = just 25p/min.

Unbeatable Low Prices For SMS:
UK to UK = just 7p,
UK to Abroad = just 12p,
USA/Europe to Anywhere = just 12p.

When your call credit runs out, you can easily buy a top-up at any retail outlet or by credit-card online or on phone. If you don't like to carry two mobiles, you could divert incoming calls from your normal home-country mobile to your Worldsim, or vice-versa.

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